Earth and Space Education and Outreach Consulting

Kathryn Williamson, PhD

Photo taken by Michael Mercier at the Alabama Space Grant Consortium Student Awards Day 2023

Welcome to Kathryn Williamson Consulting LLC

I have over a decade of experience in astronomy and Earth science education and outreach, including a variety of interdisciplinary projects that span art, climate action, and more. I have followed a traditional academic career path since obtaining my doctorate degree in physics, and I am excited to now embark on a new journey of independent consulting, motivated by my recent move to Huntsville, Alabama, i.e. "Rocket City." Explore this site for a snapshot of my work and click here for my full CV.  I also enjoy painting and have an accompanying website for my art under the moniker "Ursa Gaia," inspired by Earth and Space. 


See my current and past projects, watch some of my presentations and demonstration videos, and read testimonials from those who have worked with me. 

Areas of Expertise 

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I'm happy to help you and your team brainstorm how to create or amplify your Earth and Space education and outreach efforts. Please email me at