Climate Change workshops at Tech Trek AAUW Huntsville 

Youth engagement workshops with 60+ Alabama middle school girls (June 2024). This is a pilot for future climate change camps with The University of West Alabama Black Belt STEM Education Institute, who I am contracting with to develop and connect Youth Climate Summits around Alabama. 

Alabama Space Grant Consortium K-12 Outreach Artifacts

June 18, 2024 National Space Club Breakfast: I presented about the STEM Ambassador K-12 Outreach program I am helping to develop for the Alabama Space Grant Consortium. During the pilot year of 2023-2024, we distributed over 50,000 eclipse glasses to Alabama K-12 schools. I helped write grants for Sponsorship and Membership and have so far raised over $40k to devote towards training and supporting undergraduate and graduate student ambassadors to deliver standards-based presentations and serve as near-peer role models and inspire the next generation.

"International Space Station" presentation at Munford Schools "Tomatosphere Day" in Spring 2023 with ASGC Fellowship Student, Lauren Erwin.

ASGC Table at the Alabama Science Teaching Association February 2023 meeting. On behalf of ASGC, I led 2 sessions: one on solar eclipses and one on NASA climate change resources.

"To Space and Back" presentation with ASGC Fellowship Student, Luke Moore, and the University of West Alabama Black Belt STEM Institute to conduct a 3-day tour of 3 counties in the Black Belt region of Alabama, reaching 13 schools and over 1,300 K-12 students. 

Association of Women in Science Summer of Science Spotlight

What it's like to be an Earth and Space Science independent consultant

There is No Planet B: Engaging Students and Teachers in Climate Learning and Action 

Invited presentation for the 4th Shaw-IAU Workshops: Students in a Changing Climate: How Can Astronomy Help?

How can space exploration solve climate change?

Invited Keynote for the 2021 NASA HUNCH Challenge in collaboration with the Association for Career and Technical Education.

WVU Climate Conversations Podcast

Produced by the WVU Daily Athenaum and available on all major podcast platforms. Here is a link to the show on Apple Podcasts.

Global Warming with a Hand Boiler

The Greenhouse Effect with an Infrared Camera

You Can Map the Milky Way

Credit: UNL Astronomy. Invited Keynote for the 2019 Nebraska Physics Teachers Association Meeting. 

Innovating Astronomy Education with Robotic Telescopes

Credit: UNL Astronomy. A presentation at the 2019 Nebraska Physics Teachers Association Meeting.

Celestial Coordinates Umbrella Demo

Milky Way Scale Model Demo

Credit: WVU Department of Physics & Astronomy Lecture Demonstrations. I painted this Milky Way representation myself! It's been fun to use with student groups while visiting the Green Bank Observatory

West Virginia Power Dialog

2020 panelist for the West Virginia contribution to Solve Climate by 2030.

Fourth-Grade Scientists

Credit: WVU Magazine. Sparked Podcast Episode 6

Teenage Radio Wave Hunters

Credit: West Virginia University. I am featured at time 2:15.

How a CCD camera works 

A contribution to the IDATA Project.

50th Anniversary Moon Landing Interview

July 2020 Interview with WV Metro News.